Inclusive. Gender-neutral. Sustainable.

A curated vintage collection to clothe the everyday cowboys, outlaws, rockstars, poets, and romantics. Society Of Vintage is about personal style. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, a safe place to express yourself, or a one-of-a-kind item that speaks to you. SOV is style over trends. People over labels.

This is vintage clothing, curated with an emphasis on unisex items and inclusive styling that breaks down gender and identity barriers found in traditional shopping experiences.

For founder and lead curator Georgia Mitropoulos, SOV represents a lifetime of collecting. Growing up in Michigan, Mitropoulos didn’t see herself in the mass-produced clothes at the department stores where her mother would take her. It was the rows of vintage and deadstock at her local thrift stores where Mitropoulos found what she was looking for, developing her sense of style as she dug through the racks.

When Mitropoulos moved to New York, her vintage came with her, her impressive collection and sharp eye for unisex styling quickly making her the go-to for pulling vintage amongst the NYC fashion and music scenes. Through years of styling counterculture bands (The Struts, Cigarettes After Sex), and dressing everyone from Kylie Jenner to Dani Miller of Surfbort, the idea for SOV was born.